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Experts on PTAC Units for Heating & Cooling

Hotel Windows | PTAC Services in Edgewater, NJ

About Our PTAC Services in Edgewater, NJ

Our founders at ATS Mechanical Inc., started in the industry more than 20 years ago, gaining extensive experience in PTAC services in Edgewater, NJ. Unlike other companies, we enjoy working on units and interacting with our customers.

What Is a PTAC Unit?

PTAC Units are packaged terminal air conditioners that are self-contained, blowing both warm and cool air. These units are mostly found in hotels, apartment buildings, senior homes, condominiums, and sunrooms.

The Importance Of PTAC Maintenance

We cannot stress enough to our customers the importance of cleaning your PTAC units regularly. When machines aren't properly maintained, they can create a mold that gets released into the air.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Always mindful of the environment, we use odorless, eco-friendly chemicals in our PTAC services. This will not only clean it to keep it in like-new condition but also improve the air quality of the property's interior. This reduces the chance of residents becoming sick.

Ready To Work

We'll come to you ready to work, with parts needed for the most common repairs on our trucks. If the problem is more complex, such as a leak or it needs a steam clean, we'll take the machine to our shop, repair it, and reinstall it within two to three days.